Guide to docker run

docker run starts your containers There is a ton of info out there, so i wont copy it. Here are some of the links that i found useful Lets break down a few examples docker run -d –name=”home-assistant” -v /srv/docker/hassconfig:/config -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro –net=host homeassistant/home-assistant -d This runs the container in the background. […]

How to remove a Docker Container on CentOS

My current understanding is that in order to change a running parameter of a Docker Container, the existing instance must be removed and a new one started. Here is how to do that. First stop your container Get your container ID using docker ps first and make sure its gone after stop completes […]

Installing Home Assistant on Docker

Now Docker is up and running lets try and get Home Assistant going. The first result is Home Assistants official instructions “Adjust the following command so that /path/to/your/config/ points at the folder where you want to store your configuration” So my first task is to work out where is a good place to save these […]

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